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Ask us for challenges that affect everything: our urban surroundings, the natural environment, our societal structures, and the need for development. We have expert knowledge about the value of green.

We don’t mind to calculate the business case in the process. On the contrary. We know a sound financial foundation makes the difference between just another daydream and a concrete plan.

So see us as the reality check for complex ventures in the public space. We help you make viable choices that have positive social, ecological and economical impact.

We know it can be done, as we have seen this win-win-win situations in practice. Even (especially!) in multifaceted situations with many stakeholders. Exactly the kind of positions we thrive in.

Mark Bode and Lennaert van der Hoeven from Business Design Agency in their office in Rotterdam
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We are a boutique consultancy with roots in the creative industry and a strong network of creative pioneers, experts in tech, local economy, and urban innovation.

Mark Bode

Founder & Strategist

I design and launch propositions that help push the economy in the right direction. My speciality is to find business models in complex contexts with multiple stakeholders, and anything to do with innovation, real estate, green and circular development. I pair creative thinking with business sense to find the best solution.

Lennaert van der Hoeven

Communication & Transition Lead

I focus on communication advice, project management and business development. My specialty is best seen in projects where user experience, technology and design meet. I am a fan of anything that has to do with new technology and I am highly motivated to work on projects with impact.

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