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We are here. This is Rotterdam. Like every other big city, this place forces us to live together and relate to each other. To take everything and everyone into account. This is where our principals are put to the test on a daily basis. And it’s our mission to make this city, and many others, a better place or all of us.

Photo with people standing in front of a food truck. The photo is the image that belongs to the theme Make it economically sound of Business Design Agency.
Photo by Should Wang

Make it economically sound

We have seen the future of the economy, and it’s local. It is a manageable, sustainable scale. That doesn’t make us anti-profit or against money, it makes us a firm supporter of value in the broadest sense.

There is another reason why we talk about economy even before ecology and social dimensions. We want to spend as much time and energy as we can on bringing concepts to life. And financial feasibility is one of the main prerequisites for the viability of any concept. In other words: if we can make a solid business case (which we often can), we know what it takes to take the plan forward.

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Large tree in the corner of concrete walls with some graffiti
Photo by Anouk Griffioen

Make it green

We work on new, innovative business models that transform trees and green spaces from cost to benefit. We collaborate with pioneers in this field to bring insights, research and technology to life. Literally.

This life, in the form of a greener environment has been proven to make people happier. It makes cities more inviting places, and it encourages us to interact in a positive way. Green connects, and is of great social value.

Especially in an urban context, green has many functional values too: it protects us from sun, rain and wind, it reduces heat, absorbs water better than the sewer can, and stores CO2. That makes green a force to be reckoned with in the energy transition and making our cities more resilient to the effects of climate change.

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Photo of the entrance of the Luchtsingel in Rotterdam. This image belongs to the them Make it a better space by Business Design Agency.
Photo by Who’s Denilo ?

Make it a better place

We actively engage with the people we work with and create for. We bring energy, positivity, analytical skills, and design thinking to tackle complex issues. All to see innovative solutions come to life, and improve the city in meaningful ways.

Let’s be honest, there is a lot to be improved. As most studies show that cities worldwide will continue to grow in the decades to come, the space that’s still available is under pressure. As densely populated areas, cities have to deal with and adapt to the effects of climate change. And the need for new sources of energy and new means of transportation is obvious.

We are confident that the solutions to many of these challenges can make cities better places as a whole. Better as a social space, better to do business. And that’s exactly why we don’t want to leave it up to the urban planners and traffic engineers. This is too important and too complex. We need to work with communities, local entrepreneurs, pioneers, and other local experts involved to find the optimum solution for all of us. We repeat: all of us. <end of sermon>

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Is the dream doable? Let’s start with a reality check in the form of a solid business plan. We’ll find out what it takes to take the plan forward soon enough. 

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