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Our strength lies in seeing our clients through the whole process of innovation. From the very first stages of research up to the actual realization of a proposition.

Just here for part of the ride? Feel free to hop on. We are happy to explore a new playing field for your organization. Just looking to validate or launch a concept? Right there with you. And if you feel you might need something different altogether, we’ll set up an inspiration session.

Getting started can be the hard part. We have a ‘framing workshop’ to address that and help you and your team find a common definition of the problem you want to solve, or where the solution might be found.

Need some help getting in the right state of mind? Let us take you on an innovation tour. We’ll visit the pioniers in your field, talk to experts you never talked to and you’ll end up finding solutions in places you never knew existed.

We specialize in:

  • Sustainable proposition design
  • Business modeling
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Multi-stakeholder process guidance
  • Complex problem solving


Phase 0

Inspiration session

Innovation strategy and roadmapping

Lab: program and support


Phase 1: Exploration and insights

In order to shed light on the issue from multiple angles, we will be talking to pioneers, experts and people that are directly involved or impacted.


Phase 2: Defining solution space

We synthesize the outcome of the exploration phase with the client. The result is a visual representation of our findings and solution directions.


Phase 3: Concept design

We design solution directions with end users and pioneers, and let innovative, realistic (business) concepts take shape.


Phase 4: Market introduction

We bring the business case, pilot or concept to market, or help the client do this themselves. We help monitor, evaluate and meet requirements for success.


We are confident that the solutions to many of these challenges can make cities better places as a whole. Better as a social space, better to do business. Are you with us on this?

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